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Queenie’s Cards

Queenie’s Cards

Queenie Best, queenie's cards

Have you ever loved someone so much you just want to avocuddle? What about feeling so pucking brilliant while at Leafs’ game because they’re actually winning? Have you ever seen a greeting card that could capture all of these feelings and puns in one simple sentence?


Just wait.


queenie’s cards was established in 2008 by Torontonian designer Queenie Best as an alternative to the same old, dry cards on traditional drug store shelves. Queenie creates all of her products by hand, showcasing cute cartoons and punny moments. “What my cards say truly make customers smile and say, ‘awww,’”Queenie said. “It’s a proven fact!”


A graduate of Ryerson University and frequent city shopper, queenie’s cards first got involved with Vacantful during our Local Pop-Up Holiday Market in 2014. Queenie wanted to be a part of our debut and commit as a long-term vendor.


“With the Holiday Market, I knew the event would have the traffic it promised. Plus, Vacantful is active on social media, which is always a good sign. I know posts are being shared with potential customers who could become aware of my brand,” Queenie said.


After continued successful experiences with Vacantful, Queenie also credits her products’ presentation.


“I add height to my display and not all my products lay flat on a table,” she said.


“My card display and large prints helped attract buyers at the Holiday Market to my booth before they browsed the rest of my smaller items. I also share news about Vacantful events and shops on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This gains a lot of attention and customer awareness,” Queenie added.


Now selling witty greetings at The Everyday Pop-Up Shop in Parkdale, Queenie said getting involved in Toronto’s west end has allowed her customer base to grow.


“I live in the east end and I’m not familiar with the west end crowd,” Queenie said. “The Everyday has allowed my customers on the other side of town to browse my products in person rather than online. In addition, to be in a retail space with so many other wonderful curated brands has introduced my greeting cards to a new customer base, who I’m sure did not know of me before.”


With all she has learned so far, Queenie has advice for current and future business owners.


“Every business needs to experiment before perfecting its process,” Queenie said. “I truly believe it will only get better from now and I am so glad to have been a part of Vacantful from the start. If other vendors see the potential I see, I believe we could all collectively benefit from each other’s support.”


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